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Long lost Dilo Oil

by sharon smith May 12, 2017

Long lost Dilo Oil

Dilo or as it is also known Tamanu Oil has been used throughout the Pacific for thousands of years. This once popular skin remedy was lost over time only to reappear in recent years.

Cosmetic companies use Dilo for its ability to improve skin elasticity and restore and regenerate damaged skin. Dilo is used for many different skin conditions; it is great for treating dry or damaged skin, acne, ezema, burns and blisters, psoriasis, sunburn and insect bites.

Dilo oil is non greasy and is quickly absorbed into the skin making it ideal as a night treatment or face moisturiser. The oil contains anti-oxidants, anti fungal and anit-viral. Dilo nut oil possesses the ability to promote the growth of new tissue, thereby accelerating wound healing and growth of new skin.

The Dilo Tree

The oil from the Dilo nut is quite mysterious. When removed from the inedible fruit, there is little apparent oil in the blond kernel even when pressed or ground. Yet, once the nut has been dried on a rack for a month or two, it becomes a deep chocolate brown and is covered with sticky rich oil, which is easily extracted by pressing. Science has yet to discover how this transformation occurs.

It takes up to 100kg of the Dilo nut to make 5kg of Oil.


Dilo oil has been researched extensively over the last few decades for its healing properties. In the 1900’s Sister Marie Suzanna from the Society of Mary used Dilo oil to treat the symptoms of leprosy and painful inflammation of the nerves, Dilo oil was studied and used in St Louis Hospital in Paris with studies carried out and published in the French medical literature.


sharon smith
sharon smith


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