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Tips on buying the best Virgin Coconut Oil 

by sharon smith May 29, 2017

Tips on buying the best Virgin Coconut Oil 

The next time you reach for a jar of virgin coconut oil in the local supermarket stop and read the label, understanding that all oils are not equal will ensure you are buying the very best oil available.

So here’s the low down on what’s good and what’s not.

Go for cold pressed every time, look for oil that is raw. This is the highest quality oil on the market, it has all the natural nutrients that make a perfect virgin coconut oil.

If the oil you are buying has any yellow tinge to it then its not the good oil and has been heat treated. Using heat destroys the goodness of the oil, avoid these oils at all cost.

Watch for any oil that is refined, bleached, odorless, hydrogenated and has any artificial additives. Read the small print.

Any jars that have tinted glass or jars where you can’t see the oil normally means they are hiding something. Avoid these, you really want to see the colour of your oil.

Where possible purchase oils that is not mass-produced these oils are cheap for a reason, don’t compromise getting a bargain verses getting the very best virgin coconut oil.

Liquid v Solid
Living in the tropics our Coconut Oil is in liquid form most of the year and for those 2 days of winter is turns solid. It’s the same oil it just has a different texture.  Below 23c (give or take a degree)  it will solidify, and above that temperature it will liquefy. If your oil is solid then  put it in a sunny place (windowsill is perfect) or sit it in warm water for a minute or two.

sharon smith
sharon smith


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