Raw Fijian Coconut oil


The journey to producing great Virgin Coconut Oil started on a remote island watching a group of women scraping coconuts. The nuts had fallen from a nearby tree onto a sandy beach, they were miles from civilisation.

The island had no electricity, no pollution and due to it’s isolation, was naturally organic. The oil the women produced was crystal clear. By using only the elements of nature to create the oil, we knew that this timeless creation was special.

Our islands are laden with coconut trees and the oil we produce is touched by rain, nurtured by warm tropical breezes and grown under the Fijian sun.

Our company mission is to follow the same age-old methods for creating one of the purest oils in the world. Keeping it real and keeping raw, adding no chemicals and ensuring that nature takes it’s time and it’s true course.

When you buy a bottle of our oil you can be guaranteed you are buying one of the purest coconut oils on earth. We keep the journey from the palm tree to the palm of your hand as pure as nature intended. The secret to our oil is Fiji time. Taking the time to make it right, every time.