Raw Fijian Coconut oil


Fiji has over 332 islands and a population of only 860,000. The weather is warm and so are the people, in fact Fiji was vote the 'happiest place in the world'. Don't just take our word for it. 

"What makes Fiji exceptional isn’t any must-see sights or unforgettable experiences (though those are pretty thick on the ground): for me, it’s her people. Whether I’m visiting a village, dodging coconuts on the beach or walking through the big cities, nary a moment goes by without being dazzled by genuine smiles, bombarded by BULA!s or having a shower of smooches land on my baby daughter. I get goosebumps recalling traditional, eerily-beautiful songs of welcome and farewell: even though we’re just passing through, I always come away feeling like a member of a big family. Fijians greet guests with a rousing ‘Welcome home!’… and they mean it"Why I Love Fiji by Tamara Sheward.

Our island is covered with Coconut trees and fresh organic food.