Raw Fijian Coconut oil

The Village

You have heard it before, and yes, it does take a village to produce one of the world’s purest virgin coconut oils. Our supply of oil comes from villages and farmers throughout Fiji; some of our suppliers are on remote islands where the production of virgin coconut oil is the main source of income.

With all our suppliers we ensure a fair price is paid for the oil they produce. If the coconut industry is to meet global demands we all need to play our part in the revitalisation and future growth of the new coconut economy.

Fiji has many small virgin coconut oil production plants and with the support of Government these village-operated plants are providing a sustainable livelihood. Our company will partner with village plantations to help grown the coconut oil business beyond the boarders of the village and branch out into export markets.

Sustainability for villages and farmers means:

  • Pay a fair price for Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Pay for supply on delivery
  • Provide long term contracts which provide real security for villages and communities
  • Help villages and communities develop knowledge and skills to successfully  grow their businesses